Triyar Companies, LLC

Presently, Triyar owns and operates properties in several states around the country including New York, Texas, California, Indiana, and Arizona. Their plan is to continue their growth for the next decade by expanding operations in both existing markets and new markets.

For the first several decades, the Yari family concentrated their investments in the Manhattan area of New York. These projects are currently managed by divisions of the Yari’s New York office.

Since 1989, the Yari family has acquired properties in Houston, Texas in office, industrial, and retail space including four enclosed shopping malls in the Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth area. Their investments in the Houston and Dallas areas have been a great success primarily due to the family’s ability to revitalize non-performing properties through capital improvements and creative leasing programs. Furthermore, they have gained the confidence of local municipalities by successfully repositioning eyesore properties with extreme community awareness.

The Yari’s employ approximately 200 people in their Houston, Texas management company and an on-site management team for the shopping malls. Throughout all their entities, the Yari’s have secured their continued success by assembling strong management and leasing teams to complement their own in-depth familiarity with each major sub-market and their corresponding economies.

Their Texas properties have all performed extremely well, even before the recent increase in the Houston market. They attribute this success primarily to skill in acquisition and due diligence as well as proper management and the development of each project whereby the properties’ occupancy increased dramatically.

The family has also invested in the Southern California market. To accommodate their investments in California, the Yari family owns and operates a management company and a construction company, which combined, employs over fifty people.

The most recent target market has been the Phoenix / Scottsdale area of Arizona followed by the acquisition of an enclosed mall in the state of Indiana.

All total, the family portfolio consists of over 40 properties including high-rise office buildings, regional shopping malls, power centers and high-rise apartment complexes.